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JTree.. I Miss You.

We are well into the hot months, and while I'm supposed to be headed North in search of sending temps... I find myself longing for a time when I can see my love again. I miss Joshua Tree!

Soo I'm writing this post to make my heart feel better.

Springtime In JTree. Photo: Andy Best

Honestly, the climbing isn't even really what I miss. It's that feeling of being a Baja-burnout. The pink and purple sunsets, the never-ending expanse of Mojave desert to let the heart roam free, and of course, the Joshua Tree Saloon. I promised myself I would make that place my home for all of next January (besides the necessary ice climbing trips) and I intend to keep that promise.

...The climbing isn't half bad either.

Jesse on Heart of Darkness, 5.11b

Do whatever you want in J-Tree, and then please, Do Heart of Darkness at Conrad Rock in the Heart of Darkness Corridor. When the sun is at the right angle, the sun's rays shine right through this thin-hands splitter, cutting the rock in two with golden beams.

That is real-life, and YOU need to see it.

And heavenly beams or not, it's a classic 5.11a, short crux near the top of the route. Getting good pro in about 10 feet before the top out would serve you well.

Or take the road of my buddy D and don't get pro in up high, so that when your fingers are so cold you can't clip the chains, you lock off on a thin hand and make screaming vomit noises as your girlfriend dances around below you, weighing catching you vs getting puked on (this was a New Years trip, so you can imagine our condition). The story ended well when his foot slipped, and as he fell his frozen hand pressed the gate open and miraculously slipped the rope in, making this one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen on-route.

Cass on the Thin Wall

Cass on the Thin Wall at the Real Hidden Valley. The Thin Wall has several easier trad climbs, great for bringing those who are new to placing gear. Easier grades to the right, harder grades to the left.

Jumbo Rocks Campground usually has open spots, when Hidden Valley is full.

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